Friday, 24 January 2014

Last night I ordered a pizza....

After waking up with swollen tonsils, and feeling a bit run down all day I decided I didn't have the energy to cook.
After sleeping, recuperating, and lounging in my dressing gown all day I started to feel better. And hungry. For a change I ordered with Pizza Hut believing that having a brand name would mean the food would be slightly better too, generally I'll use an independant take away via hungry house or the just eat websites but marketing ploys got me when it appeared on Facebook due to someone else ordering with them.

So far it's a pretty standard lazy night in right? Finally it arrives, I learn this not by the bell in my flat ringing, or a knock on my door but my phone ringing, when I answer it an impatient voice tells me to "come downstairs". I didn't expect to have to leave so I was still wearing only a dressing gown, and nothing underneath. 
I told the driver this believing he would understand I didn't want to go outside in barely any clothing, and surely not protective clothing at least but still he demanded I go outside. This started to turn into an argument as he repeatedly and rudely shouted at me to come and get the pizza while I argued I was a girl on my own not really wearing proper clothes.
I feel I should point out by this point it was a rather unsexy towelling gown rather than a sexy satin type, I was not trying to seduce the pizza man as Edd was out of town, my life isn't a porno and me and Edd are faithful. 

After arguing for so long it was too late for me to put anything else on believing the pizza man to be at the door outside waiting and ran outside in said gown and ballet flats. He wasn't there. I looked around wanting to rush back inside as it was dark, cold, and getting late. I called the phone he rang me on to no response, till suddenly a young man on a scooter wizzed from around the corner, no where near my buildings door, and shoved a cold pizza into my hands (cheeseless if anyone was wondering).

I of course posed in my gown proclaiming that's why I didn't want to come outside, grabbed my food, politely called him a dick and then went back in. Upset with the whole matter I tweeted (as twitter is all powerful) the Pizza Hut account that I had to go outside while alone and undressed.
Read the tweet at the bottom first, before going from the top. 

They were helpful enough and I filled in the form linked with great detail of the rudeness of the driver and how unsafe I then felt in that situation, also that the food was actually awful. It really was, if I'd known I wouldn't have gone outside at all as I couldn't eat it anyway.
With the twitter account being so helpful (I think it's American ran and they care more about the customer than British stores it would seem) I hoped the email back would be conclusive and the matter would be over. 
Sooooo, that's a no then. They are more worried that their male drivers on scooters may be more unsafe than a girl on her own waiting outside in the middle of a housing estate wearing only a dressing gown. I've been told by previous drivers from Domino's pizza that they may get mugged so don't go in, but then I was fully clothed so wasn't as worried.

Does the small amount of money the drivers may carry, considering most people pay online nowadays, and the small risk they may get mugged in a building where the halls and generally empty?
Independant delivery men run the same risk yet have no problem delivering to the door of the flat, working as often as late as we do take aways are a now weekly luxury and have always been this arrangement of them being delivered to our door like take aways are meant to be. 
Yet my safety is less important then they maybe £20-£30 the driver carried? 

Some may say I'm blowing the going outside out of proportion, but in a society where women are conditioned to think that rape or assault could be just around the corner, and that we would then have to take the some blame due to what we wear or the state we may at that point be in, I would expect such large companies to help lower that risk to their customers. 
I feel fairly safe in the area I live, despite it being London, but have in the same grounds of my building in the middle of the day been hit on and flirted with in a rather aggressive manner by what is essentially my neighbours. 

After speaking to me on the phone he could have assessed the situation called for him entering the building, where a Middle Aged cockney geezer would have no trouble going out at that point, even if only wearing a fluffy bunny gsting. 
Multimillion pound companies wouldn't really be dented by the possibility of some money or pizzas being stolen where endangering lonely women could have severe implications to those individuals.

I suggested that should be the case but have since heard nothing back.
Getting that £12.00 would at least be nice, and thank god I got back in safely. 

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