Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Million mask march

Last night people from 477 cities all over the world donned masks, mainly the newest anti-government recognisable symbol of the V for Vendetta guy Fawkes mask made popular from the comic book and then film franchise. Yes a franchise owned by Hollywood company time-warner but originally used for the comic books written by Alan Moore and David Lloyd in 1982. 
The film raised awareness of guy Fawkes and his original plot outside of the uk where it has been a known story and holiday for every man, woman and child but until now has only been a celebration of burning a man at the stake, then decending into firework displays and bonfires which from my earliest memories meant firework safety, scare adverts and warnings, the one sticking in my memory is when my school warned the shell suit wearing that was popular in early 90's Liverpool, was dangerous as the material could light easily and you could burn to death in a shell suit flaming drama.
The masks have been since donned by the group anonymous more known to start with a hashtag and are referred to as "hacktavists" working mainly online, as people marched some websites were reportedly hacked although the details of which and why have not been revealed publicly.

If you wanted to learn more about the marches you should look for the hashtag #millionmaskmarch as to look to the news you will find little to no information, the bbc devoting all of two paragraphs and a closed comment section on their website, the guardian although using twitter to find more information from the people involved and taking over the hashtag have one upped the bbc with three whole paragraphs and an open comment section where people argue over the use of the masks which of course gives some funds to Time - Warner and if Russell brand can be taken seriously as a participant.

All of these things are distractions to the marches themselves, people feel disappointed that there was no to little media coverage but who were they trying to send the message to? The mainstream? The media itself who are aware but have chosen to not cover? Or to the actual government that society is so angry toward?
The marchers of London descended towards Buckingham Palace, possibly confusing many tourists along the way, and met with police barricades protecting our nations figurehead, but isn't that what the gates and her many guards are for? The people of Washington marched to the whitehouse where an American flag was burned which in America is known as the biggest fuck you to America. 
I wonder if that flag was made in China.

Videos and photos from the marches all over the world are now circulating online, I could have easily used a few here but I found it somewhat pointless, photos of burning flags, videos of men either drunk or high on the adrenaline dancing shirtless but masked on the top of statues while screaming "freedom" cheapened the point of these marches. Some cities took it more seriously than others but as with every protest some take it too far, they help to get their fellow protesters labelled as idiots or vandals. They help the media to taint them and miss the point completely.

In Washington a building was defaced with spray paint, windows were broken all by mask wearing individuals which will help the media in their case to brush it under the carpet. 
In the Uk people argued that Russell brand was and I quote a "fag" who is trying to claim the attention to himself. Maybe it is hard to believe that a successful comedian and actor may feel the same as the average joe on the street, but how many protesters can really take this message to the mainstream media, brand being hot topic lately due to arguing on air with Jeremy Paxman has always been rather outspoken, however I do remember a video that he even showed himself on his own tv show of him stripping naked and dancing on top of a car during a previous protest, back when he wasn't a household name. 

I wonder how the writers of the original comic feel about this, are they happy their message came across? Are they sad it took over 30 years to do so? Is Natalie Portman glad she shaved her hair for this?! 
And now we sit and wait to see if anything changes, if only one parliament listen from the many many countries that took part in this than has it been a success? Or have the select few tainted the point of the many? 
We shall have to wait and see.

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