Monday, 20 August 2012

New Postcode, New Life?

It seems not everyone has heard, I still get confused messages asking if it's true or not. It has confused my friends back home, and perplexed those now local to me.
Yes, I have moved to the capital, the big smoke, South, "that there London", "London Town", all known as my new home, London.
I'm edging ever closer to 30, and in my seven years as a performer (my, how they've flown) I was forever up and down the country for various events and heard many stories of people moving to London to "make it" and wondered if I should do the same.
I led a comfortable life in Liverpool, family close by, the odd friend, my own show, and some mild fame of sorts but I longed for more excitement, more opportunity, to have little to no money, and to have something of a not so fresh start.
It has been nearly three months since I moved into "The Bearcave", and a month since I started a "proper" job to tide me over alongside shows, and I've been lucky enough to find a job that find my performing exciting and work around my shows, I've been very fortunate there.
I've even done a couple of shows and photoshoots, including a great fun shoot for Collectif Clothing (whose new collection is amazing by the way!) and hunger magazine for Rankin which was an experience in itself (ever got a coach with 20 drunk models..?!), Gogo dancing in Shoreditch House, had more show offers coming in once people realised I'm now just up the road, and met a lot of lovely new faces.
It'll take time, and I'm still settling in but so far I have no regrets for moving here.
Wanna see me in London? Show dates below, all UK and Europe dates will be on my website
Collectif Clothing 

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